Growth factors are produced by many tissues in your body, including a lesser known protein called the somatid. Gaston Naessens, the scientist who originally identified the somatid, found that this protein produced growth factors that caused cells to maintain their youthfulness. There are many different growth factors found in plant and animal sources: Growth factors are found in plants called saponins; wild yams contain the growth factor called diosogenin; and pearls contain a growth factor protein almost identical to human DNA that stimulates repair in human tissue.

These growth factors signal cells to absorb amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The rate at which your cells absorb amino acids determines the rate at which new proteins are made. The rate at which new proteins are made determines how young you are biologically. The faster you repair, the younger you are. Synergy One supplies the energy needed to support a more youthful level of Growth Factor in your body. After age 28, the production of growth factor begins to decline. Correct supplementation can raise these levels and make a big difference in the quality of your life.
Possible Benefits of Taking Synergy One: Results may vary, but a broad spectrum of benefits have been collected over a 10-year period, from hundreds of satisfied users.

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“My name is Charles Bower. I have been taking Synergy One for a month and a half now and have found it to have a dramatic improvement in my life. I am sixty two years old and have been suffering from arthritis for 25 years. My arthritis has consumed my hands, knees and spine. After a month on the Synergy One, I noticed improvement in my ability to go up and down stairs, as well as the pain from the arthritis in my hands is gone. The improvement is so significant in fact that I no longer need to take Celebrex, my prescription medication for arthritis. I have received many other benefits as well; my blood pressure has gone down to 145/97 from 175/140. The medication that I have been on has not been able to stabilize my blood pressure for 10 years or get my diastolic under 100. Also, my sex drive has increased and my wife has also commented on my hair looking darker. Thanks to Synergy One, I feel great!”

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Restore These Glands to Regain Energy, Libido and Positive Mood

Exhausted? Trouble Sleeping? Mood Swings? Low Sex-Drive?

__ Do you have difficulty falling and staying asleep?

__ Are you sluggish from the time you wake up?

__ Do you feel more awake at night than in the morning?

__ Do you get tired between 3 and 5 pm every day?

__ Is your sex-drive low?

__ Are you depressed some, or all of the time?

__ Do you have highs and lows in your mood and energy?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may likely be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Exhaustion. In order to effectively address this condition, read on to learn the various causes of worn-out adrenals and low energy production. 

Contributing Factors to Adrenal Fatigue:

  • Mercury Poisoning from Silver (Amalgam) Tooth Fillings
  • Root Canals and Subsequent Infections They Cause
  • Long-term Use of Coffee or Caffeinated Drinks
  • Overly Acidic Body pH Levels (Saliva pH reading below 6.0)
  • Congested Liver
  • Previous Prescription & Over-the-Counter Drug Usage
  • Lack of Restful Sleep
  • Constipation & Auto-Intoxication
  • Chronic Emotional Stress

Ultimately, you may need to address each of these factors to regain ideal health and energy. However, that should not stop you from trying the easiest and quickest way to improve adrenal function, and in turn, boost your energy levels and state-of-mind.

After decades of research on adrenal restoration and whole body health, I’ve tried virtually every product on the market for adrenal health. Currently, the most effective combination of products I have found to alleviate the symptoms of low adrenal function and to support adrenal regeneration are listed below. These three customized packages 
address moderate, chronic, and severe adrenal exhaustion.

Be Sure to Get the Right Proteins and Fats!

The diet found to be the most effective in supporting adrenal health is one that includes high amounts of animal proteins and animal fats in the morning, before 2 p.m.

This diet coincides with the natural pH cycles of the body.
 The body is naturally more acidic in the morning. After 2 p.m., the body shifts into an alkaline state. By eating animal proteins in the morning and before 2 p.m., your diet will coincide with the times your body is most able to produce the hydrochloric acid needed to digest proteins and fats.

When we eat acid-forming foods in the morning and alkaline fruits, vegetables and complex starches, such as potatoes or grains, in the afternoon and evening, then we support the body’s natural pH tendencies. The liver prefers this, as does the entire body. This helps you to achieve a much deeper state of restful sleep and repair. Getting sufficient high-quality sleep is key to your adrenals functioning optimally.

By eating a meal consisting of animal-sourced protein and fats in the morning, then you will have the optimal levels of aminos and fatty acids available to your blood stream between 2 and 5 p.m. This prevents adrenal fatigue from occurring at this time of the day, when many people notice a slump in their energy levels. 

It is best to eat breakfast before 9 a.m. and preferably between 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.Additional benefits of eating a good breakfast include having enough energy in the afternoon for exercise, better work performance, and an improved mood. 

Cholesterol is NOT “BAD,” Despite What Your Doctor Tells You…

Since the 1950′s, we have been mis-informed that there is good and bad cholesterol. Conventional medicine tells us to keep total cholesterol counts below 200 mg per 100 ml of blood. 

The cumulative results (from 80 years of clinical practice) of Melvin Page’s, DDS and Hal Huggins’, DDS, blood chemistry testing of tens of thousands patients showed that having enough albumin, globulin, and proper bilirubin, urea and nitrogen levels is essential to detoxification. If these blood protein values are not correct, the removal of mercury and all other toxins will be reduced or stopped.

Additionally, blood tests have proven that in order for the body to successfully detoxify and maintain optimal adrenal hormone levels, humans need to have a total blood cholesterol level of 222 mg per 100ml of blood or higher. Relying upon a vegetarian or fish-based diet would not create these positive blood chemistry changes. Without these changes, the body cannot detoxify itself of heavy metals and steroid hormone production will be below ideal levels.

Detoxification is essential to proper adrenal and whole body function. The optimal cholesterol levels mentioned above were found to be essential to optimal adrenal hormone production. Balanced, optimal levels of DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, aldosterone and cortisol levels are essential to brain and body functions. Cholesterol is the building block for these hormones and is essential to proper adrenal function.

When an individual is in a state of disease, it is very common to find a deficiency in cholesterol and steroid hormone production. This is likely caused by the liver failing to produce enough cholesterol, which makes consuming saturated animal fat essential to raising levels to the optimal range.

Use These Cookbooks as Your Guides Back to Health
We highly recommend an excellent recipe book entitled, Seeking Your Ancestral Diet by Interpreting Your Blood Chemistries by Dr. Hal Huggins DDS, MS. This cookbook has been designed to help you balance your own body chemistry and have fun in the kitchen at the same time. Foods that are not appropriate for a healthy chemistry are completely avoided.

For the first time ever, Huggins reveals his secrets! (Well, Huggins and a dozen or so scientists and researchers who have been instrumental in causing the chemistries to “move.”) 

Dr. Price has been universally accepted as one of the foremost authorities on the role of foods in their natural form in the overall health pattern and the development of degenerative illnesses as a result of the addition of processed foods to our diet. 

Many people have contributed recipes that have been tested to make them taste better than the average health cookbook recipes and yet, still contain what is necessary for healthy body chemistry.

Now you will know what Dr. Hal A. Huggins recommends after 42 years of balancing body chemistry and more importantly – why! 

First published in 1939, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is designed to preserve the classic study of Dr. Price’s world-wide investigation of the deleterious effects of processed foods and synthetic farming methods on human health, and the promise of regeneration through sound nutrition.

This book contains guidelines for approaching optimum health and reproduction now and through future generations, as did the primitives. 

Reverse Debilitating Effects of Adrenal Fatigue with Proven Products:

Mild Adrenal Fatigue Package

Baobab Fruit Powder (1 scoop in a.m. with breakfast)

ADR Medix (20 drops before breakfast)

HYP Medix (20 drops at 10 a.m.)

PIT Medix (20 drops at 4 p.m.)

MAP (2 tabs in a.m.)

Niagen (1-2 capsules, with breakfast and lunch)

Moderate Adrenal Fatigue

Baobab Fruit Powder (1 scoop with breakfast)

ADR Medix (20 drops before breakfast)

HYP Medix (20 drops at 10 a.m.)

PIT Medix
 (20 drops at 4 p.m.)

MAP (2 tabs in a.m.)

Niagen (1-2 capsules, with breakfast and lunch)

B Complex Plus (1 cap full with breakfast and lunch)

Paradise Gold (1 cap full in a.m.)

Severe Adrenal Fatigue

Baobab Fruit Powder (1 scoop with breakfast and lunch)

ADR Medix (20 drops before breakfast) 

HYP Medix (20 drops at 10 a.m.)

PIT Medix (20 drops at 1 p.m.)

MAP (2 tabs in a.m.)

Niagen (1-2 capsules, with breakfast and lunch)

B Complex Plus (1 capsule with breakfast and lunch)

Paradise Gold (1 cap full in a.m.)

Paradise Rhodium (1 dropper-full in a.m.)

Synergy One (6 sprays at bedtime)

Overcome the Debilitating Effects of Adrenal Fatigue Forever! 

If you suffer from Adrenal Fatigue, it is my hope that you will implement the recommended diet mentioned above, along with the suggested products, based on your level of severity. Feel free to call us at 1(864) 895-6250 with any questions or concerns, or to place your order. You can also order on our website at

Health and Happiness to You,

Stephen Heuer

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Get Relief with these Powerful Products that Fight Adrenal Fatigue!

Baobab - The number one super-fruit in the world. Exceptionally rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.  Supports vitamin C needs of the adrenals better than any other vitamin C supplement on the market.

ADR Medix
 - Regulates intercellular communication and supports cellular & tissue regeneration on the adrenal glands. Helps regulate hormones produces by the adrenal glands.  Possible Applications: Adrenal dysfunction/ insufficiencyfatigue, exhaustion, salt balance, blood pressure, and metabolism imbalance.

HYP Medix
- Regulates intercellular communication and support cellular and tissue regeneration of the hypothalamus. Has the ability to render regulatory influence on the endocrine system. Possible Applications: reducing excessive body mass index, normalization of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Strengthens digestion, immune, nervous, and cardiovascular system, detoxification & premature aging.

PIT Medix - Regulates intercellular communication and supports cellular & tissue regeneration of the Pituitary. Possible Applications: Thyroid issues, endocrine imbalances, muscle imbalances, kidney imbalances, and growth hormone irregularities.  

B Complex Plus
 is an excellent B vitamin supplement from Pure Encapsulations, containing the co-enzymatic (active) forms of B2, B3 and B6. This particular combination of B vitamins ensures that your body and brain can convert amino acids into neurotransmitters. It also enables your body to make energy andpromotes healthy levels of dopamine. Excess dopamine creates anxiety and is a common problem in most of the Western world today.  Much of this excess dopamine can be traced to the damage done to billions of cells in the body when exposed to mercury from dental fillings, vaccines and fish. It only takes one exposure to create a lifetime of cellular malfunctioning.

 supplies an excellent ratio of free-form amino acids that support optimal levels of physical energy, muscle strength and repair. These are your primary neurotransmitters that combine to make you feel alert, yet calm.

 is another special B Vitamin metabolite that supports the mitochondria’s ability to produce ATP or energy. This very powerful supplement supports the body’s and brain’s ability to function in a balanced, optimal state. Niagen also helps burn fat for fuel and protects brain cells from permanent damaged caused by head injuries.

Paradise Gold: All matter begins as pure vibration from the higher dimension, beyond this three dimensional place. Technology exists to imprint into water vibrational energies of whatever you desire. Paradise Gold is the vibrational energy imprint of gold. Single atoms of gold are needed by the brain to act in a superconductive manner. Supports proper flow of electrical impulses. The effects upon the brain are reported as feeling calmer and pleasantly focused.

Paradise Rhodium is excellent for improving memory and may help support dendrite growth, which is needed to learn new skills.

Synergy One supports amino acid absorption within the body’s trillion plus cells. The ability to absorb amino acids declines as we age, which causes cells to shrink. Therefore, an older person’s organs and body shrink due to the declining ability to absorb amino acids and to make proteins. Skin wrinkling a visible sign of failure to absorb amino acids, which would cause proteins to be made within the cells. When enough proteins are made within cells, then cells remain plump and eternally youthful.